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# [Opening Design][] [Gitea][] Customization
2022-06-29 05:03:21 +00:00
Gitea instance customization files
## Installation
The components of the repository are mapped onto the [Opening Design][]
[Gitea][] instance using the
[customizing Gitea](
- the *templates* folder is mapped to *$GITEA_CUSTOM/templates/custom/*
- the *images* contents is mapped into *$GITEA_CUSTOM/public/img*
- the *css/dist* contents is mapped into *$GITEA_CUSTOM/public/css/*
## Development
The source is hosted on
[Gitea]( and
uses [prettier][], [lint-staged][] and [husky][] to keep things pretty.
As such, when you first [clone][git-clone] the repository, as well as
installing the npm dependencies, you will also need to install [husky][].
# Install NPM dependencies
npm install
# Set up husky Git hooks stored in .husky
npx husky install
[opening design]: